• oilstar hose
  • Composite hose assemblies for road tanktrucks
  • CAMLOCK couplings
  • Tygon S3™ B-44-3
  • CAMLOCK couplings

Silicone hoses

Silicone hosesSilicone hoses

Silicone hoses due to unique physicochemical properties are widely used in such industries as: pharmaceutical, biotechnological, food, machine-building, construction, power engineering, etc. Physicochemical properties of silicone rubber depend on its content composition.

For automotive industry our offer includes hoses and connectors for cooling and heating systems in vehicles.


  • straight hoses and flexible hoses with steel spiral,
  • elbows 90°, 45°,
  • straight reducers and reducing elbows,
  • anti-vibration couplings.

The silicone rubber can be manufactured according to customer needs or to application requirements thanks to the wide differential of products offered by different producers, crosslinking agents, compound elements and different processing methods.

Silicone rubber characteristics:

  • retains its properties at high and low temperature,
  • the value of dielectric strength: 15÷24 kV/mm,
  • good resistance to oxidation,
  • physiological inertness (no taste or smell),
  • resistance to stretching,
  • flexibility,
  • excellent resistance to infrared radiation, UV and weather condition,
  • resistance to low pressure steam WP = 3 bar (high pressure steam causes partial degradation of silicone),
  • lack of resistance to concentrated acids, alkalis, petrochemical products with aromatic content.