• oilstar hose
  • Composite hose assemblies for road tanktrucks
  • CAMLOCK couplings
  • Tygon S3™ B-44-3
  • CAMLOCK couplings

Aware of the burden of responsibility regarding product solutions delivered by us on day to day basis, we face growing demands of industry and promise to do our very best to satisfy the needs of our Customers in terms of range of offered produsts, their quality as well as professional service ensured by the commitment of all employees of the Company.

Our goals:

Quality Policy of the Company is guaranteed by:

As the Owner of the Company I am fully responsible for the completion of the above Quality Policy and I promise that it is and will be consistently applied by myself, the Management and all employees of the Company.

Each of the employees within one's own capacity and range of operation must understand, implement and improve the rules resulting from the Quality Policy adopted by the Company.

The Owner
Richard Fredriksen