• oilstar hose
  • Composite hose assemblies for road tanktrucks
  • CAMLOCK couplings
  • Tygon S3™ B-44-3
  • CAMLOCK couplings


Tubes International offers a selection of machines, for example: Finn-Power machines for high pressure assembly crimping, machines and devices intended for the production of flexible assemblies from rubber hoses (cutting, testing, skiving, marking and cleaning) and rigid assemblies from hydraulic pipes (bending, cutting, pre-assembly of cutting rings, flaring and deburring). Our highly trained personnel are committed to provide technical advice and support to find solutions to the greatest challenges faced by our customers. Having access to all necessary spare parts, we ensure warranty and post warranty service of all machines and accessories purchased at our company.

The selection of accessories includes several types of shields and protectors that extend the service life of hoses and hose assemblies. They also enhance the safety of people working nearby.

In order to prevent deterioration of hoses and to improve comfort of our customers, we decided to provide hose reels as well. The application of the hose reels allows to reduce hose wear up to five times, improves work efficiency and eliminates leakage related repair expenses.

The extensive selection of seals, sealants and industrial chemicals complements the assortment of products we offer. All of them are available in each of our branches around the world.